F1 Technology



Formula One technology is the pinnacle of all racing platforms in the world. All aspects of Formula One racing push the design boundaries to the maximum limit. The composition of the car, design flow, materials, aerodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and testing reside in a world of its own. The speed of Formula One creates a four-wheeled phenomenon that can not be duplicated in any other form of auto racing. F1 technology is rapidly crossing over to improve the operational efficiency of modern day road cars in various different areas. That same technology is also crossing over into other sporting worlds that also utilize the composite materials, in which Formula One race cars are works of art in such materials. Formula One undoubtedly boasts the worlds most advanced and researched technology used in modern day aerodynamics and materials.

In CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) tests, the team can determine the aerodynamic efficiency of the car and make relevant changes to the design within a simulated environment.
CFD technology has become progressively more important to the efficiency of Williams F1 design process and the relative success of the team.

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