Gold Series

The real innovation:
Why modulus rebound?

Throughout the past decades, technology applied to golf has developed considerably. In the early 90s, the increase in the size of golf drivers and the improvement of the materials allowed clubheads to increase volume to 460cc. In the first decade of this century it was innovations in the necks that allowed players to personalize their clubs to their specific needs. In 2015, Williams is presenting the next biggest innovation in golf, adjusting clubfaces to maximise the rebound effect at impact for various targeted speeds.

The Gold series was designed to specifically meet the performance demands of the Asian golfer. This series will share the same material and aerodynamic advancements that are the core foundation of Williams. It will also feature the innovative WSF in its unique and ultra-light weight shaft (built to Japanese specs). The Gold Series’ most noticeable and recognized feature is the exquisite gold accenting on all exposed metal surfaces. The Gold series represents the perfect combination of technology and lifestyle for the most luxurious golfers.

  • Trip

    The Trip redirects airflow over the crown of the driver to minimize the surface area of the crown that is affected by airflow contact, which is important in the reduction of drag.

  • Winglets

    The Winglets manage and control the air flowing around the heal and toe section of the driver, creating a more consistent and stable path throughout the downswing and impact.

  • Diffuser

    The Diffuser is a key component in diffusing and controlling the air the flows across the soleplate of the driver, combining with the effectiveness of the “Trip”, to minimize the wake and density of airflow off the rear of the driver creating a significant reduction in drag.

    • 10.5°
    • 12°
  • Loft
    • 10.5°
    • 12°
  • Lie
    • 59º
  • Head Volume
    • 440 C.C
  • Lenght
    • 45.25"
  • Grip
    • Williams
    • Iomic
    • Sticky
    • 1.8
  • Grip Size
    • 600
  • CPM
  • R
  • 43g
  • 4.2°
  • low
  • D0-D1
  • 205-215
  • SR
  • 45g
  • 4.0°
  • mid to low
  • D0-D1
  • 215-225

The Williams Racing Golf line of products exclusively features Fujikura shafts. These shafts are produced in Japan and manufactured to the highest Japanese standards. The shafts are constructed with high modulus graphite materials that have been used to push the limits of design to produce a high performance 45 gram graphite shaft. The Gold Series are produced with a stunning ion plated finish by Fujikura Japan, adding to the luster of the most exclusive golf equipment in the world. Each Fujikura shaft has been custom tailored to each model of Williams Racing Golf products to ensure the highest level of performance. The Gold Series product line features the patented Sticky Grip. This revolutionary Japanese grip delivers exceptional hold and stability for the softest feel ever. This grip will give you the sensation and traction that Formula One drivers experience from the sticky rubber tire components they use.

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