I've seen it all with 40 years experience in the golf industry. As a player and club pro I have played it all from Callaway to Ping to Tailor-Made. From the largest stages in competitive golf to the local charity tournaments.

I have to say with conviction that I have never experienced the consistent positive results that I have found in the performance of Williams Racing Golf equipment. With my MR 9 Degree driver and a stock Fuji stiff flex shaft I have gained 10 yards in distance on average while hitting more fairways. I'm consistently carrying my driver now over 300 yards. I feel like I'm in my prime again!

My Williams Qualifier single frequency irons offer me the feel and consistency that I've only previously found in forged irons. I'm able to work the ball flight and yardage control is spot-on! These are characteristics I've never before experienced with cast irons. The Williams "Double U" wedges meet these same standards too as they offer superior feel and the perfect tool for all those scoring shots!

What do you get when you mix Formula One engineers in golf? Simply the best designed golf equipment ever introduced to the market! This is my personal conclusion based on my own results. I'll be playing Williams Racing Golf equipment for years to come!

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