I am Ilija Djurdjevic and since young age I have played golf to a high competitive level. Competing 5 years for Serbian National Golf Team, 3 times Serbian National Champion, 1 time Serbian International Champion...

To keep a long story short all my life I have used different well known golf brands(Callaway,Titleist...) until I changed to Williams. I was so impressed with the improvement it had on my game, I was stunned by the technology Williams put into there equipment.They manage to show me that a club has to be easy to handle to make it as efficient as possible.The aerodynamics in the Driver just helps you to control the driver head in high speed.The single frequency shafts just makes you feel every club the same(for people who do not play every day this is even more important than for me who plays every day). The Golden putter looks and feels amazing too.

I m sure Williams Racing Golf will play a big part in my upcoming professional long Driver hitting career and my future professional golf career.

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