My name is Gerard Pera, professional golfer since year 2000. I have played many tours, as Peugeot Tour Spain, Pepsi Tour California, Europro Tour, Challenge Tour, and some other events.

During my career, some major brands have supported me for which I am grateful, such as Callaway, Taylor Made, Srixon.

Since 2011, I switched to the Remax Long Drive in USA, achieving the 12th position in the 2012 World Ranking

The power of the driver is key to long drive, even more than in regular golf. And thanks to Williams, Iíve found the best combination of head and shaft of them all. I even worked with the company on the final testing and performance tuning of the new MR driver which is the best driver Iíve ever hit, and so proud of that.

Also my iron play has improved in control and distance, with a very powerful ball trajectory. But it is the driver where I managed to get an unbelievable trajectory, almost impossible to imagine, whether on spin or line, so precise, and very much improving the club head speed and ball speed.

They helped me to get in numbers really close to the longest hitters in the world, as 137mph of club head speed and 205mph ball speed.

From that, I have a personal best of 389 metres, or 421 yards.

My personal advice to any golfer is to give a try to the unbelievable goods from Williams Racing Golf, who are dedicated to bring to every player unsurpassed performance, it helps everyone to become a stronger player through knowing you have in your hands the best products ever made.

I hope to remain a member of the Williams Racing Golf family for many years.

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