Paul Steels KBS European tour representative

Having been shown the Williams clubs, I was interested to see what some of the Seniors Tour players would think of the product.

I asked the guys at Williams if they would be happy to send some demo clubs to me so that I could take them to a Seniors European Tour event to ask some of the players to try them. Williams said they would be happy to send me some and at very short notice they sent me hybrids and a few drivers so I could let the seniors hit them.

I have to say the comments were all pretty much favourable. They liked the look and said the ball came off the face very quickly and distance & feel was good. In fact, one player who hit the hybrid, asked if he could have it after only two hits. I figured he was joking but he was very serious so after a call to Williams to ask the question, they said yes. I could give the player the club so he could put it in the bag for the tournament.

Since then a few seniors tour players have been contacted for their club spec so that Williams could make up some clubs to their normal requirements.

The product I had was just off the shelve, so with the right shaft and spec the clubs works even better for the players.

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